Project Concepts, Feasibility & Approvals

We are with you
from the very inception.

Invoke specialises in working with real estate developers from the very inception of the project to ensure their product, pricing, location, and marketing strategies are in sync with the intended market and market conditions.
Understanding Investor | Developer

Understanding Investor | Developer Position, Needs and Interests within the context of the Sri Lankan Real Estate Market and Recommendations

Sourcing Locations

You will have access to our database of lands in and around Colombo to suit your specific real estate requirement.

Feasibility Assessments

Our Financial and Marketing heads will analyze and evaluate your project details to provide you with accurate assessments which minimize your risk and give you clear direction.

Target Market Oriented Condominium and Housing Designs

Technical and Creative input into building and floor plan layouts, specifications etc. in-line with expectations and requirement of the intended target market.

Client Relationship Management Facilitating Joint Ventures

We maintain a strong database of potential buyers for different price points whom we can reach out to instantly to promote and sell your products to.

Brand Building Strategies and Exercises

Create or build on an existing Corporate Brand Identity clearly communicating the company's vision and mission, affinity for quality and innovation, stability, credibility, partners etc. in a way that inspires confidence in potential buyers and investors.

Turn Key Marketing and Sales Solution

Propose and Implement a comprehensive system in place from the point of inquiry to closing the deal with the signing of the Sale and Purchase Agreement and following up with clients to collect installments in a timely, professional manner.

Facilitate Signing of Sale and Purchase Agreement, Follow-up and Fund Collection

Coordination with the legal department on behalf of the client in preparation for the signing of the Sale and Purchase Agreement (a critical aspect where client
relationship management needs to be done in a professional and friendly manner)

Obtain Building Approvals

Obtain necessary Building Approvals and Permits on behalf of Client