Invoke introduces ‘Hyper Real’

Invoke Ltd., the innovative property development solutions provider recently initiated a brand new concept that allows potential homeowners to get a complete immersive experience of their home and to even be able to customise it to their specific tastes and see it come to life in real time even before it is actually built. Introduced for the first time in Sri Lanka, ‘Hyper Real’ is the new virtual reality model apartment that provides the layout, design and even furnishing and decorative options.

“As marketing consultants in the highly lucrative and competitive real estate industry, we are constantly looking for ways to help developers be a step ahead of the competition. With this new ‘Hyper Real’ we offer the possibility of expanding the sense of experience of your client by letting them immerse themselves in an ultra-high definition virtual environment of their future home. In essence it is a whole new level of service and client empowerment,” said the management trio.

Through ‘Hyper Real,’ Invoke places the client in their future home and allows them to walk around freely. The client will be able to experience the space, ambiance during day or as experienced at night and envision their home and interiors in detail never imagined to be possible until now. Hyper Real will also give the discerning buyer the freedom to customize their apartment by changing the type of flooring, wall colors, pantry cupboards, etc. and to be able to experience these changes real time and in ultra high definition. What was only fixed or imagined previously now becomes dynamic and real with the click of a button.

Furthermore, once Hyper Real is programmed to a specific apartment, the developer can extract the standard 3D walkthroughs, virtual tours and still visuals from the program to be used as and when required.

For a demonstration and more information on Hyper Real, reach the Invoke team via its website

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